"The world's most shocking G-shock ever. Pimped up plastic to the max: a genuine Casio 6900 g-shock, stripped from her resin housing and some, just to make room for a next-to-vulgar amount (90+ grams) of solid 18 karat gold. Heavy on the wrist and even heavier on the competition: At 25.000,-€ this will likely be the most expensive japanese sports watch money can buy. Wears well, looks sharp and shines right. Any more to say? So shut the fuck up." (Charlie Müller)

Charlie Müller
"Quasi" 2009
Resin, 90 grams of 18K gold
265 x 48 x 19 mm
Represented by Art is the Alibi Ltd., Berlin & London
limited edition of 25 + 2 AP
This special G-SHOCK model is modified by “ART IS THE ALIBI LIMITED”. Please be aware that this model is not covered by CASIO’s warranty.

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